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The number of new homes registered by the UK’s house builders and developers in the first three months of the year reached more than 37,500 – a 3% increase on the same period in 2018.

37,672 new homes were registered to be built compared to 36,508 last year. The private sector was down by 6% (26,841; 28,554 in 2018) with the affordable and rental sector up 36% (10,831; 7,954 in 2018).


                                          The market is very large and ready for the aqua store products


The Eaves Store is aimed solely at the new build housing market and that was in excess of 30,000

New builds in 2019.  If  30%  of this market fits just one 10 meter single eaves store at an average of  £3,000.00 delivered It will produce a gross income of  £27 M showing profit margin of one third after all cost’s before tax.   


1. The Vertical Store is aimed at the existing housing stock in the uk which is in excess of 25 M

Houses. If we can supply just one percent of this market with a pumped Vertical Store delivered and fitted At £2650 it will return a gross income in excess of £600M after all costs, with a  Profit in excess of 30%  before tax.

2. The Vertical Store is also aimed at the new build housing market as a sister to the Eaves Store

and also versatile for the new build market as it can be installed on its own and not as an addition To the Eaves Store. This product would be cheaper for the developer to install but still create the eco friendly sustainable product the general public would prefer.  Because of price and speed of installation we think this product would see a demand of at least 10% of the new build market of 30,000 new houses.  Therefore, a market of 3,000 units supplied and discounted to a price of £1500, the gross income after all cost would be in excess of £4.0M before tax.

3. The Vertical Store as a simple vertical water store (butt) who’s aesthetic appearance when fitted to the elevation of a house is far more acceptable than the messy water butts which are available on the market today,  would meet at least 10% of the uk sales for water butts, which we estimate to be some 10,000 as just one company,

“ ( Aqualogic & Anglian Water Sales Hit 1k Water Butts ...)” Sold 1000. Therefore, we estimate the water butt market is worth at least 1000 units at £1000 to Vertical Store would gross a minimum of £ 1M ….  “ Hey!  It will pay for the petrol “… 




Free water butts available from Northern Ireland Water › ... › Northern Ireland Water

 24 Jul 2019 - 13:54, 24 JUL 2019; Updated 17:45, 24 JUL 2019. News. The water butts are for community and school garden use and will be supplied free by NI Water. ... You can unsubscribe at any time. ... water falls onto properties every summer across the UK - that's enough drinking water to fill an entire reservoir.


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